Disclaimer: I wouldn't normally post a 5 mile easy hike, but the conditions are so nutty that I felt it might help others.

Date hiked: 4/6/14

Trail Conditions: Mud, water, soft ice, harder ice, soft snow, harder snow, deeper snow, and various do able blowdowns.

Equipment: Snowshoes, sunglasses, and waterproof boots.

Comment: I brought my snowshoes not knowing what to expect. I was on the fence about leaving them in the car because the trailhead is pretty bare. Luckily, a nice hiker was on his way out wearing microspikes and he advised me I would need the snowshoes. Based on the condition of the trail I am the only one he gave that advice to. I questioned his advice most of the first mile or so. But shortly after that, it turned to snow and just got deeper. Within a half mile of the summit it was pretty deep and post holed like crazy. Carolyn's was a little less deep but still warranted snowshoes. Lots of water on the trail and things are starting to get muddy down low.

Jim B