Date of Hike: Saturday, April 12th

Trails: Crawford Path, Eisenhower Loop, Monroe Loop, Camel Trail, Davis Path, Cog Tracks, road walks (Base Station, Clinton)

Trail Conditions: Crawford Path below treeline still has quite a bit of snow. In the mornings you can wear light traction, in the afternoon snowshoes would probably be best if the trail starts to fail under feet. Between Pierce and Eisenhower in the scrub is more of the same, and some places the trail is narrow with the trees overhanging. From Eisenhower to Lakes of the clouds it's a mix of bare rock, snow, and shallow snow drifts. The Crawford Path around Mount Monroe is covered up with snow and looks to have a steep drop off section, if it's cold you'll need something more aggressive than micro's, but if it's warm you can kick in steps probably. Camel Trail has a nice semi deep snow cover. Davis Path is mostly snow, too. Cog Tracks was a little choppy up top but more snow once approaching Jacob's Ladder, I switched to snowshoes at this spot to not post hole the ski line, kept them on all the way to the bottom. Clinton Road is a mix of bare ground to a half foot of snow.

Special Equipment: Light traction and snowshoes

Comments: Hard to beat a day like this in the Presi Range, wind was whipping pretty good at times but with warmer temps it was a non-issue. Views were incredible and afternoon clouds made for some great pictures. TONS of skiers out enjoying the mountain! Nice to run into Steff at the summit of Washington and Ian and his dog Marlie along the tracks. Report / Pictures

Name: Chris