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Thread: Fires at backcountry campsites in the 90's....

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    Fires at backcountry campsites in the 90's....

    Does anyone remember if there were campfires at night at the backcountry AMC/WNMF campsites as recently as the 90's? I think I remember a fire at night at Liberty Spring, as well as Garfield. I'm certain of a fire pit at Ethan Pond in the early 89-90. Just curious.

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    I remember a fire pit at Garfield shelter in the early 90s.

    There was one at 3 Ponds Shelter last fall.
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    Fires are still allowed at most designated campsites in the WMNF (notable exceptions are above treeline, Great Gulf, Cutler River, Mt Chocorua)

    As to whether people actually build campfires that's a different question which I can't answer

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    Totally off topic, but I remember as a kid (back in the early 60's) going to Yosemite where they had a "firefall" which was a huge bonfire that they would build on the South Rim, if I remember right. Once the embers burned down, they'd push the whole thing over the cliff with a tractor with a snowblade on it or something like that. Pretty spectacular. Totally not environmentally friendly though, which is why it eventually was stopped.

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