date: 6/14/14

trails: woods road, atv/snowmobile trails

conditions: i parked at the end of nichols hill road, off of dorset west road, in dorset at a small parking area in front of a gate. this route is described in the "day hikers guide to vermont". the description in the book ending up being a little confusing to me, but the route is really straight forward if a bit circuitous. the road and trails used to reach the summit are also shown pretty well on the usgs. road and trails were all in good shape and look to be travelled a fair amount by atvs. a few muddy sections, especially up on the ridge with some rougher footing. highpoint is just off the atv trail in the woods. from the summit the atv trail continues and in a minute or so there is part of an airplane wing in a tree. to the left a herd path leads down to the rest of the wreckage which i believe was from the 1970s. a number of other atv trails connected in along the way from the beartown side of the mountain and would have been another possible ascent route.

equipment: nothing in particular.

comments: real nice afternoon. after a morning hike and a bit of scouting for a future trip i decided to head up mother myrick. some nice walking and a great framed view of dorset mountain from the summit. interesting to see the old plane crash site. great day to be out.