Trails: Lost Pond Trail, Wildcat Ridge Trail, Carter-Moriah Trail, Stony Brook Trail

Trail Conditions: Lost Pond was wet and boggy in spots, but fine overall. Wildcat Ridge trail up to E was steep and wet. No issues along the ridge and down to Carter Notch. Carter-Moriah is super steep up to Dome, but was dry with good footing. Some boggy spots here and there all the way to Middle Carter. Descent off of North Carter was extremely steep and wet, so a lot of careful footing was needed. Over to Imp is all bog bridges or sideways slanting wet rock slabs, with more care needed. The trip up to Moriah has the most boggy sections (that never seem to go away) of the trip, but can be avoided. Stony Brook is wet and slippery and rocky for the top mile, but then flattens out and is a basic walk back to the trailhead. No blowdowns, duckunders, or massive off trail walks for the whole day. Trails were well maintained.

Equipment: None of note.

Comments: A fun, exhausting day out with my boy Pat (Bombadil). He had these 6 left to grid out June - and figured he could multitask by training for an upcoming Cascade trip by carrying an extra 40+ pounds to start. We decided to start at Pinkham not only to save us a little elevation, but we'd rather ascend WRT then descend (b/c from what we heard, the ski area was impassable for hikers due to maintenance). WRT very steep but you have some great views of Glen Boulder, Boott Spur, and Washington along the way. Those summits were in and out of clouds all day it seemed. Once we reached the ski area, we could tell the wind was strong (40-50mph all day it seemed). We enjoyed the tower on Wildcat D to ourselves, soaking in the early morning sun. The trip to Carter Notch was quick from there and, again, we were able to enjoy a lot of sun next to the lake. Carter-Moriah up to Dome is a massive climb, but between the cools temps and strong sun, it was a fun climb. Mt. Hight was about our only chance above treeline and, man, the wind was gusting - great views of the range nonetheless. The rest of the trip to Moriah was fairly uneventful, and Stony Brook was a quick way back to our spotted car. The weather was legitimately perfect for a hike like this - warm sun with a strong, cool breeze all day to keep our temperatures regulated. Also, it was nice to see Pat finally tired after a hike.