Date of Hike: June 28, 2014

Trail Conditions: Liberty Spring trail is mostly dry with some wet sections, muddy sections and sections with running water in the trail. No blow downs that I can remember and you can rock hop the water crossings although some of the rocks are slightly under water, but was still easy. The Flume Slide trail is in good shape. Mostly dry, but there were a couple of wet and muddy sections. There are multiple water crossings. The second crossing I looked at all options before crossing. The last major water crossing before the slide I found an alternate crossing because the crossing from trail to trail was a little too deep and covering a lot of the rocks. The slide section of the trail had its normal wet sections. There was one section that was completely wet so we went up the side of the trail. The ridge trail was fine.

Special Equipment Used: We used trekking poles which definitely helped with some of the water crossings. We got all the way to the slide part of the Flume Slide trail before the bugs started bothering us so that is when the bug spray got applied.

Comments: I didn't mention the Whitehouse trail because I took the trail near the motorcycle parking and got right onto the bike path. Part of it was just repaved. It was a beautiful day with great views. Mt Liberty was a lot more busy than Flume was. It was nice to see Ed hiking the 4Ks again with the new knees. It was also nice seeing Rita and Trudi on Liberty. This hike was with my son Nicholas working on his NH 48.