Date of Hike: Aug 3, 2014

Trail Conditions: The trail was great and featured newly dug/cleared dirt waterbars down low (thanks). There were a couple of muddy spots and slippery rocks that will likely be dry by tomorrow if it doesn't rain. The ledges were mostly dry. There was one easy-over blowdown to straddle maybe half way up. A large birch. That was it, though. The bushwhack was in equally great shape as we learned.

Special Equipment Used: None.

Comments: I hiked this one for work. I had a group for the weekend for a two-day wilderness navigation course. On day one I taught map and compass and we performed a couple of flawless bushwhacks. On day two we decided on hiking Kearsarge North then on descent, after a summit altimeter calibration, making an intelligent half-mile bushwhack on a bearing of 279M at 2600' then down slightly and back up to the summit of Bartlett Mtn. Our planned starting place was so intelligent, as we learned, we quickly encountered an easy-to-follow (and crudely blazed in mostly white) herd path all the way to the summit. No bushwhacking practice for this class, but it's a lovely mountain with lots of views and fun ledges with actual climbing potential and we had a very enjoyable time.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH