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Thread: Paugus via Cabin, Whittin Brook, Lawrence, Old Paugus, & Big Rock Cave Trails - 8/27

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    Thumbs up Paugus via Cabin, Whittin Brook, Lawrence, Old Paugus, & Big Rock Cave Trails - 8/27

    Date of Hike: Aug 27, 2014

    Trail Conditions: The start on Cabin Trail was a breeze. Great condition. Same goes for Whittin Brook Trail. And Lawrence Trail was good, too, but then we started seeing some blowdowns as we approached the summit. Old Paugus Trail was steep in places, and I can see why there is a warning in the WMG to be cautious if wet or icy. There were also some blowdowns. This trail was the most fun, though. The brook crossing at the start of Big Rock Cave Trail was crossable, but I can see it being tougher after some rain or during high water. The rest of the trail was pretty good, though so lightly used it could be lost in places if not paying attention. The Big Cave Rock itself was awesome. I noted some bolts near the top, but honestly, even on top-rope, the climb looks super tough (maybe 5.13~) and over-hung. ETA: Note, Whittin Brook Trail is pretty burshed-in in places.

    Special Equipment Used: None, though I did bring my poles.

    Comments: I hiked this one with my old friend, Rhonda, and it was in part to give her a map and compass refresher (needed because the Paugus summit is about .35 through wicked thick woods from the ledges). We nailed our two-leg bushwhack, found the summit jar at the tiny and well-hidden high point, and signed it. We bushwhacked out following both legs of the trip, and when we came to the trail we were in the exact position from where we started. We were hoping to get close, but to be exactly spot-on was fist-bump worthy. Hate crowds? Paugus is for you. We saw two people all day.

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