September 13, 2014:

Trail Conditions: The marked trail along the northern shore of Heart Lake was practically level and in very good shape. The first half a mile or so of the herdpath "Old Nye ski trail" was very easy to find and was easy good footing on the 200' descent to the river bank. There was one spot at the crossing where the rock hopping required stepping on a rock an inch below the water surface but the rest was fine. The first mile of the trail up was easy with moderate grades and minor muddy spots. Most of the last mile or so is a bit steep and has many roots and trees to climb over/under. The last half mile up to the junction is a bit exposed and might even have a few views on a better day. The herdpath to Nye was in very good shape; a quick drop then up a short bit up to the sign. Street was roughly 2-3x longer and had one small steep section but was mostly pretty easy on decent footing; only a handful of small mut pits and a few trees to climb over.

Special Equipment Required: Gaiters would have been helpful. Rain gear.

Comments: Optional - Wet, cold day. We were in the area for the day and Saturday was our hike day. The weather was terrible so we decided to do a hike with limited views. The parking lot was full so we added a couple of miles of road walking. Fortunately, the trail was relatively easy and we made good time. We were very happy to get back to the cabin and get showered up, dried off and in clean, dry clothes!

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