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Thread: Mountain Goats on Mt Antero (Colorado 14er)

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    Mountain Goats on Mt Antero (Colorado 14er)

    I posted a few of my hikes in CO on here even though they are not New England to share my experiences to anyone that has hiked or wants to hike out here. I won't bore VFFT readers with all my western trips but I wanted to post this one because I never saw wild mountain goats and thought these were some of my best wildlife pics I have ever taken. I have seen lots of wildlife in years of hiking but these are my first sightings. The TR and photos, especially lots of goat photos are at my blog at I hope you enjoy it!

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    Always like your reports. It's a different world out there.

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    Great pics. Love those goats - saw a few dozen in Washington State two years ago. Antero looks like a must-do!

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    The goats in CO are my favorite backcountry animal. They stunning up close. I once sat on the summit of Grey's peak ( CO,14er ) with a family of goats. I pet the young ones as the parents looked on. I spent 30 minutes with them, then left them to the summit.

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