Date of Hike: Sunday, October, 5th

Trails: Zealand / Ethan Pond / Thoreau Falls / Wilderness / Shoal Pond Trails

Trail Conditions: Thoreau Falls trail is easy to follow, lots of leaves down blanketing the trail, so in some spots just pay attention so you don't wander off into the woods. There is one decent washout along the North Fork but it's not difficult to drop down and back up. Shoal Pond Trail is a little overgrown in spots but has had some recent brushing back so it's not as bad as before. When you hook onto this trail from Stillwater Junction you immediately make a water crossing. On the other side of the water crossing the trail bangs a left for a hundred feet or so then takes a quick right (at a small cairn) and enters a narrow section of trail with evergreens lining the trail. A little further down the trail at the next water crossing the trail heads to the right and up after the crossing, look for a faded blue blaze in a tree to help lead the way.

Comments: The Thoreau Falls, Wilderness, and Shoal Pond Trails are really great hikes if you want solitude and a quiet day out in the woods. Lots of old camps with cool old pieces of RR paraphernalia to check out along with old rr grades to explore. The foliage is quickly coming to an end but it's still prime in spots along this route so go check it out! Another awesome hike with Whitney. Nice to run into Jeremy and Bryan on the way out to the trailhead. Report / Pictures

Name: Chris