Date of Hike: Oct 19, 2014

Trail Conditions: We hiked on the Morgan and Percival Trails, in addition to the Morse Trail Connector and .8 of the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail. All of the trails were basically the same way. A bit of mud here are there, a little wetness, but basically in good shape. Easy to follow, despite the slick leaves, and any and all crossings were super basic. There might have been a blowdown or two somewhere, but nothing at all concerning. The biggest problem was the leaves; they are slick and cover up loose rocks and roots. The ladders, caves, and scrambles where a blast.

Special Equipment Used: Trekking poles, but not needed, per se, and were stowed for a bit.

Comments: I hiked this one with Steff and our mutual friend, Jen, just for fun. Great day, awesome hike. Rather easy technical bits allowing for maximum focus on the fun part.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH