Date of Hike: Oct 20, 2014

Trail Conditions: Again I will lump together both trails because they all basically offered the same things. Both had some blowdowns (especially on the Attitash Trail east of Table Mtn) and both had some mud. That said, the notorious mud patch/s weren't too terrible. The Attitash Trail was also brushed in considerably in places, but even with the leaves, it was a pretty easy to follow. All crossings were easy. Note: small, easy-to-avoid ice floes are forming on the Moat Mtn Trail heading up the cone of North Moat Mtn. Yeah!

Special Equipment Used: Trekking poles.

Comments: I hiked this one with my friend Howard and we did it for fun... and a little redlining. It was late when we decided to head up to North Moat (to get that remaining chunk of trail) but the traffic cleared many of the leaves and it proved really easy to follow. Great time.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH