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Thread: Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook, Pemi Eastside, and Pine Island Trails - 10/28

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    Thumbs up Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook, Pemi Eastside, and Pine Island Trails - 10/28

    Date of Hike: Oct 28, 2014

    Trail Conditions: Did some redlining today, but no summits were killed in the making. Hancock Notch Trail was wet, but it was drizzling out. There was water in all the places I remember (though lots of work has been done it seems). Fortunately, the critical water -- the crossings -- were low enough to make progress quickly, without getting wet, or worse. In other words the crossings were all doable. As I also recall, the blowdown situation was about the same. Nothing at all difficult to get by. The slightly brushed-in in places Cedar Brook Trail was the same way. The crossings, including the ones after the junction were all easy. Even the Cedar Brook crossing on the Pemi Eastside Trail was doable a couple of different ways (one of us rock-hopped while the other balanced on a fallen tree with intact bark). The Pine Island Trail was in good shape, and its two crossing were, likewise, easy enough. Since I was on a redlining mission, I had also ventured as far as the junction and old bridge site on the Wilderness Trail (.5) and the info above applies there as well. As such, redlining, I also had to go back up the Pemi Eastside Trail so as to bag that section parallel to Pine Island Trail, and that is the section with the famed washout. It is indeed a complete washout, but it was easy to get by and that crossing was also easy. All in all the trails were in good condition and easy to follow. By the way, the USFS site says the Pemi Eastside Trail is closed except on Fridays and Weekends, but there was no equipment in place, no workers in place, and the only signage is for those coming from the west, and it merely informs there is a washout in 200 feet.

    Special Equipment Used: Trekking poles to help with the many crossings.

    Comments: I hiked this one with my Jim St Cyr, a fellow redliner whom I've become acquainted with on Facebook. While the weather was a little dreary, things did eventually stabilize and we had a great day. A fun hike, the Cedar Brook Trail, really nice, and the Camp 24A artifacts... cool stuff.

    ETA: Looking at the photos I realize I forgot to mention some challenging muddy sections on the after-junction parts of Cedar Brook Trail.

    Mike "Tramper" Cherim
    North Conway NH
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