Wonalancet Range Trail
Mt Hibbard Shortcut
Walden Trail
Old Mast Road

Wonalancet Range Trail: Lower hardwoods is in great shape. The woods are so open that you might need to follow the blazes after a fresh snow. Beautiful place! The ice starts shortly after hitting the softwoods. It's fairly easy to avoid down low, but the ledgy section is going to be much easier with traction, otherwise you'll have to stay right (north) as the rock is mostly ice covered with a bit of snow. Past that ledge is pretty smooth sailing to the Walden Trail.
Mt Hibbard Shortcut: Side hill, almost entirely in hardwoods once you are past the lower junction. Great shape.
Walden Trail: Icy and a bit of snow the whole way. Traction is a big help but apparently not required. The cliff band about .25 miles east of Old Mast Road is a difficult descent. We opted to bushwhack around. It appears going left (north) is easier than going right (south) as our group Scooby-doo'd it to find out.
Old Mast Road: It's pretty much an old road.

Special Equipment:
Light traction is very helpful but apparently not required... I forgot my spikes so I used my poles to help mitigate. Trace of snow down low, 2-4 on the ridge up to ~3000'

Was looking forward to exploring this section of the Sandwich Range Wilderness. With Mt. Hibbard on the 52 WAV list I though we'd be in for more impressive views, but it was really just a couple of viewpoints, nothing too grand in that department if that's all you're into. The trail is a lot of fun though, so we still had a great time.