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Thread: Black Dome/Head parking and Catskill hikes

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    Black Dome/Head parking and Catskill hikes

    Hey folks,

    I was thinking about heading up to the black range this weekend and parking at the Batavia Kill/Acra trailhead. Is parking available here? I recall seeing signs in the warmer months about no winter access.....

    Also, are there any Catskill mountains that offer a semi-clear view from the top? I'm looking to throw in a mountain with nice vftt.


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    A bunch of catskill peaks offer a semi clear view, but not necessarily from the top. Case in point, Blackhead which has an awesome view on the way up from the Black dome side... if you're asking about the Batavia Kill trailhead... Black Dome has a decent view back towards BH. Windham has a nice semi clear view north and south at the summit area or close to it....

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    Wittenburg, Cornell, Panther, Slide, Balsam Lake, Hunter, all have good views. The last 2 are fire towers.

    If you don't want a 35'er, Red Hill, Tremper, and Overlook also have fire towers.

    And thanks Jay, for saving me the trouble of looking up that post!
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    Thanks for the info, guys. Looks like parking is available before the turn-around or at barnum road. Hopefully the trails are

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