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Thread: Lincoln Lafayette parking pretty crowded

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    Lincoln Lafayette parking pretty crowded

    I was meeting a group at the northbound Lafayette place parking lot Sunday Morning around 8:30. The designated spaces were effectively full although I expect that additional cars crammed in after we left. I didn't stop at the south bound lot but it looked in similar condition. Unless most years, there are significant snows piles on the majority of the grassy surfaces in the lot and along the parkway that are traditionally used for overflow in the spring. I expect its going to be challenging for a few weeks until the snowbanks melt out. Definitely those planning to hike the loop or other hikes from these lots should plan on getting to the trailhead early and parking nose out so the they don't have to do a lot of maneuvering to get out at the end of the day.

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    We held our annual party at LL on Saturday night and come Sunday morning saw huge groups heading to the hut and the Kinsmans. I would suspect that a number of groups were heading to the Franconia Ridge as well given the beautiful weather.
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