It feels a little weird writing this TR now that Bayle Mountain is on fire. We heard the news today, we really enjoyed the hike and hope they get it under control soon. Hopefully the fire is on a different side of the mountain than the trail.
We finished the Ossipee 10 Hiking list on Bayle Mountain after hiking Bald Knob and Turtleback. This made for a nice day of hiking. We had intended to start the hike off Bayle Mountain Road, but when we got there we saw a sign that says, ”Private Way” and another sign saying that trail parking was 0.9 miles further down the road on Marble Road. There is designated parking on Marble Road across from a hunters camp. From the parking area we headed down Marble Road to before the bridge and took a right up to the orange gate.
The trail starts out being a snowmobile trail to get to the trailhead. There is a sign saying No wheeled vehicles, but we saw mountain bike tracks on the way out that weren’t there on the way in. We followed the snowmobile trail for 0.64 miles and noticed a herd path off to the left. We were following a GPS track from friends and it appeared that was the route they took. We followed along it looking for blazes, but saw none. The trail headed in the right direction and was more interesting than the snowmobile trail so we stayed on it. Eventually we came to an area where the tree had initials craved into them and we noticed red blazes. As we looked for more blazes, we saw they did continue back down, but a different route than we came in.
Once we hit the blazes the trail changed and the UP began. It’s not a long hike, but it does have its challenges with the huge boulders, but it was really a lot of fun, but there were a lot of leaves hiding rocks, that were very dry and slippery too. We also found a geocache on the way up. We were not expecting to enjoy this mountain as much as we did. When we got to the summit it was pretty cool too. We walked around it taking in the views. We found a plague that had been mounted up there for Dick Fahy (RIP). We also found the sign in register and signed in. After enjoying the views, it looked like rain might be rolling in, so we headed back down the way we came in.