Elephant Mountain
• Hikers, Lisa, Rick, Sean and RVF
• Mountain: Elephant
• Elevation:3,774’
• Date 5-17-2015
• Time 9:05 AM >> Noon
• Temp @ base 69F and summit 64F
• Weather @ base partly cloudy with some fog
• Weather @ summit: fog burnt off mostly sunny
• Trailhead parking ok hit some bumps on the way in Must have high clearance vehicle
Directions: North of Rt 120 in Andover Maine take South Arm road North 10 miles
Then take a right on elephant Mt road. Follow the main road until the ends approx. 2.2 miles
Then follow the road on foot (winding to the left) for several hundred yards until you see a cairn on the left that marks the start of the Bushwhack.
The path would be easy then hard then easy again you just keep plugging along and you will eventually get to the canister. It was not too bad going up but coming down we hit some very thick spruce which required some backtracking and patience. This was a harder hike than I thought it would be. But its only took 3 hrs so it’s no big deal.
• Trails taken: Bushwhack
• Special equipment: Map, compass, GPS, winter gators, eye protection, gloves ( I still ended up with cuts)
• Trail conditions
o Snow a few patches
o Lots of blowdowns and sections of thick spruce
o Mud yup
• Trail hazards
o River crossings no
o Ice no
o Cliffs of ledges no
o Animals plenty of droppings
• Hiking distance: about 3 miles
• Hiking time 2:55 minutes top to bottom
Had a great day today hiking elephant Mt. The drive in on elephant Rd was a little sketchy
I hit a few rocks even though I was in a 4 x 4 pickup.
It was a great day to be in the mountains
Deb thanks for leaving the candy bar in the canister it was good.

RVF my # 90 NEHH list