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Thread: Backcountry Campsites Popularity

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    Thanks everybody for the responses and insight.

    The Imp Shelter site was pretty quiet this past weekend. Tent platforms full but nobody in the shelter.

    My next stop will be Guyot for fourth of July. I spoke with a caretaker last year and he mentioned that there were 88 people at Guyot last 4th of July weekend, and that they fit everybody using the overflow. Does anyone know if there is ever a chance that we wont be able to pitch a tent there if its too busy? If so, are there other unofficial sites close by? It would suck to hike all the way in there and not be able to spend the night.


    P.S. Great sunset view from the site
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Unless you get there quite early you will be in the overflow spots on the ridge. They're not the best tentsites but they're the best you're going to find up high. If you want to go lower on the Bondcliff trail and head 200' into the woods you'll find plenty of places to stash a tent, but you may not have water nearby.

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    The overflow spots on the ridge are not pleasant. I think with the right tent the woods are open enough that you would be able to place a tent in the low spot between the main trail and West Bond and it would be far more pleasant. It also would not be legal but neither are the overflow spots for Guyot. The other alternative for those hiking south is at the small box canyon where the trail crosses Black Brook south of Bondcliff. There are several old logging roads cut into the side of the mountain that intersect there. I expect with some creativity, you can follow one of them to meet the 200 foot rule or camp a bit closer as many people do. The walk between the summit and this spot is very well graded with the exception of two short ledges near the top. Its is about a mile to Bondcliff but would easily be navigated with headlamp. Sunset from Bondcliff would be just as impressive as West Bond. I expect more than few folks cowboy camp with bivy up on the ridgeline and hope weather doesn't come in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guthook View Post
    JCarter, I agree with this entirely, too-- A few more designated tenting sites, even if it's just a flat bit of ground with no outhouse or platforms or anything like that, seems like it would be a good idea. I guess the difficulty is that once word gets out about them, they may be completely overrun as well. Dilemma...
    That's all I'm looking for. And as long as they're a long way from the road, they won't get the "party crowds" that doomed the Franconia Brook tentsite and several others. I just want to be able to reasonably 'leave no trace', which can be very hard to do in the dense undergrowth of the Whites. As long as you make these 'desi' sites all small (in the Wilderness, they would have to be less than 10 people total), but create a "lot" of them, odds are most wouldn't see any people a lot of the time. I can dream, can't I?

    (Biggest problem I have is the # of sites is so small, that if you get to one and it's occupied, you may have to go a considerable distance to find something else)

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