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Thread: Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail April 13, 2015

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    Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail April 13, 2015

    The focus of my photography and hiking while out in the Southwest was to try capture some of the great trails by combining some golden hour landscape shots from famous viewpoints with stuff from along the trail.

    During my first full day at Grand Canyon (April 13, 2015 forgot to put date in title, sorry), I decided to test my legs hiking the South Kaibab trail to Skeleton Point (6 miles 2000') Full trip report and photos here

    Just a few samples:

    The night before I hiked South Kaibab I went over to Yavapai Point at sunset.

    The South Kaibab trail follows the ridge pictured below, and under O'Neill Butte, mainly on the other side of the ridge.

    The trail is visible as it snakes along Cedar Ridge, then under O'Neill Butte and then finally steeply squiggles down past Skeleton Point down to the Tonto

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    Beautiful shots! They bring back some pleasant memories.

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