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Thread: # of New England 50 Finest finishers

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    My gut is telling me no... but my gut is also very hungry.
    Papa, I donít remember specifically, but Iím sure it was somewhere around the Maine-New Hampshire-Canada junction. I know you did something either there or slightly south in New Hampshire (Mount Magalloway?) around that time. The hike would have been in early October, because thatís when my and my brotherís birthdays are, and the reason I couldnít make it.

    Iím pretty sure some others did go with you, and I believe you posted a report here. I can almost visualize a photo of a long, straight road or clearing dipping down, with lots of colorful foliage, if that rings any bells.

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    Thanks for trying Raymond. I did a number of hikes like that. Maybe this one: More Boundary Peaks, Benchmarks and Stragglers (09-02-2006). About one page down there's a picture of the boundary swath like one you described.
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    Who issues the patch for this list? I'm a long way off, just bagged Kearsarge for #13, but am curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Driver8 View Post
    Who issues the patch for this list?
    No one.



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    If someone wants to get herd paths going to the less popular peaks on this list, all they need to do is create the patch.

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