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Thread: Stuff Sack sizing for Double Rainbow

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    Stuff Sack sizing for Double Rainbow

    The original stuff sack for my Shires Tarptent Double Rainbow blew away. I need a replacement, however I don't want to get the same sack. The original is made from silnylon, and I want something more durable. I'm bad at math and have no space perception. There are no specs on the website for the stuff sack. I sent them an email inquiry but have not heard back yet. I love the size of the original sack because it is tall and narrow, perfect for storage in the mesh pocket, under the side compression strap of my ULA Catalyst. If anyone has a tarptent and can guess, or measure it's dimensions, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, any particular ripstop stuff sack suggestions(tall and narrow) that would work with the Double Rainbow would also be welcome and appreciated. I like the therma-rest stuff sacks, but have no perception of the size I would need (online shopper) Thanks.

    p.s. I have tried the no stuff sack route, and the wallmart dry sack. Neither are ideal with my system.

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    My long-term hiking buddy has a Double Rainbow, but he's at the Pole and it's a little light for those conditions, so it's not along for him to measure. Note that ripstop and silnylon are not mutually exclusive, and a coated or impregnated nylon is fairly common for stuff sacks so it's easier to get stuff in and out. Most of my pack is homemade sil stuff sacks or somewhat heavier OR sacks; unfortunately the OR sacks all come in about the same aspect ratio so they won't have that nice tall/narrow thing happening.

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    Most of my stuff sacks are homemade sil as well. Unfortunately I am away from my sewing station and bolts for a while. I suppose the tall narrow variable might be insurmountable. I'll probably end up ordering the original sil sac from tarptent. I'm being nitpicky at this point, the sil is just not ideal for it's place in the mesh on my pack. It takes some abuse. The original sac was in rough shape when it blew away, but it was usable at 3 years. haha.. I did have a great OR sac that was similar dimensions, but someone helped themselves to it at NEOC a few years back, and I can't find it on the internet. Oh well. shot in the dark

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    I have a Double Rainbow, and the the stuff sack measures approx. 25" x 8" when flat, approx. 16" around when the tent is stuffed into it. No suggestions as to what to replace it with, only you know how you carry your gear and what might work for durability.
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