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Thread: Rapid Stream Rd Bridges Replaced

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    Quote Originally Posted by egilbe View Post
    I hope they don't yank those out. I know a lot of people are pretty happy they are there, again. Guthook, did you get any trailwork done?
    Got a fair bit of work done, although it's a never-ending battle in some spots there. There are a lot of leaners and widowmakers that will probably come down over the winter, and a lot of brushing that needs to be done when I have more time. And the lower portion of the trail, where it runs along an old jeep road, needs a lot more drainage work that I can do on my own. It's all part of the fun :-)

    I don't know anything about the long-term plans for the bridges, but the district supervisor for trail maintenance in the region says the bridges were a partnership between BPL and the logger. I'll ask if he has any more info.
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    Thanks for the trail work, Guthook. Such a fabulous hike. We did this on Columbus Day and after driving Caribou Valley Road and it's lovely half-rotted bridges a few weeks prior, we were pleasantly surprised at these big new concrete bridges. We parked after the 2nd bridge and walked on the road to the right as we didn't want to chance it on the remaining 0.5 mi in the family minivan, but a high clearance vehicle probably would do fine.

    I was also surprised at the seemingly steady traffic continuing straight onward beyond the 2nd bridge-(where we made a right to walk to the trailhead) in the few moments leaving/returning to the car we saw 2 trucks each time. I guess Mainers have different standards for road maintenance.

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    Thread bump!

    On 10/31, I hiked Mt. Abram via the Mt. Abraham Trail, and I was able to drive my little Kia Rio all the way to the trailhead proper, even on that rough last .5 mile. That drive made Caribou Valley Rd look like a highway! I did get a kick out of those new bridges, though. Cool looking and fun to drive across.
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