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Thread: Parking for Liberty

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    I park at the Whitehouse PL and stick to the trail. I deplore snowmobiles and thier toxic fumes, not to mention, how close to getting hit, I've come. I do the whack on the descent just for something different.

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    Have a fun hike, Marvin!

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    Ten years ago we did a Flume/Liberty traverse and used the Head of the Flume as our jumping off point for Flume Slide Trail. The woods are very open and easy to traverse. The trails cross the bushwack route at nearly right angles so intersecting them is not difficult. We returned to the Flume area from the Liberty Spring Trail by veering off at the big dogleg on the descent. You could easily reverse the route but intersecting the L.S.T. at the dogleg might be more difficult. Better to aim a bit west and intersect the trail lower down. If you were descending F.S.T. you could easily parallel Flume Brook to take you back to the Flume's network of trails.

    The Flume Visitor Center is closed in the winter but the area sees a good deal of ice climbing traffic (or it did) so if that is the case the trail network should be accessible. The jump-off point was a shuttle shelter called Top o' Gorge. I probably had GPS coordinates for it at one time but no longer do.

    This is too late for the O.P. to make use of but for future reference it might be worthwhile to someone.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My gut is telling me no... but my gut is also very hungry.
    Marvin, nice to have met you Friday. Hope you had a safe trip home.

    That Facebook group is called ‘‘The 4,000 Footer Club-Climbing and Hiking in New Hampshire.’’

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    Thanks for all the info. Ended up parking at the Basin and taking the suggested short whack from the bike path to the trail. Easy to follow even at 2 am with no fresh tracks. Slipped off the log bridge into deep mud but luckily that was on the way back. No snowmobiles on the bike path even at 3 pm when I finished. Bike Path from whack to basin is a slight uniform uphill grade that would probably only be noticed by me after a long day. Could have used snowshoes or crampons between Liberty and Flume - Light powder deep enough that spikes wouldn't always bite - but stupidly left them both with my main pack at LS Camp site when I lightened my load. Just like the previous Friday more people out than I would expect on a winter weekday. Nine I think. Nice talking with you Raymond (two weeks in a row what are the odds).
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    Marvin from RI,
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