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Thread: Hiking Injuries

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    Angry Hiking Injuries

    What injuries have you had while hiking, and how long did they keep you off the trails? I hurt my knee in OCT. while descending Mt. Eisenhower, and I STILL haven`t been able to do anything too strenuous(4000 footers). It`s driving me crazy.

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    I had some foot problems in 2013 after a failed attempt to do some trail running. But it ended up being a good thing as it forced me to slow down and appreciate other aspects of the hike. It wasn't all about the destination, but rather the journey. As a result, I discovered all those other wonderful places and peaks out there below 4,000 feet. I never really stopped hiking during that time, but did scale back and was in PT for a while.

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    Separate shoulder. Concussion. Hundreds of sprained ankles. Broken finger. Several different foot injuries. None of them kept me out of long...meaning next time I was wanted to go, I went, but I haven't gone every week in 20 years. A back injury unrelated to hiking has been harder to overcome.

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    Not injured while hiking but severed rotator cuff and lacerated biceps tendon - same side. Kept me off the trails for 6 weeks. Went back as Dingo did, low and slow. Have had recurring plantar and other foot-related issues. I now know my feet are good for about 10 miles. After that the pain becomes a distraction.

    One thing I have learned as I get older and notice little tweaks and twinges is that if I stretch when I get back to the car my recovery is so much less of an issue. Not talking anything extensive. Honestly I spend about 2 mins stretching quads, glutes and back. Makes a world of difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richard View Post
    What injuries have you had while hiking, and how long did they keep you off the trails? I hurt my knee in OCT. while descending Mt. Eisenhower, and I STILL haven`t been able to do anything too strenuous(4000 footers). It`s driving me crazy.
    Hi Richard,

    Here is a similar thread I started awhile ago, if you are interested. I know how hard it is to remain patient with the process...

    Feel better,

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    In September 2014 I was camping at 13 Falls and rolled my ankle like a dummy... stepped out of my hammock without a headlamp and immediately rolled my right foot, was limping for about a month afterwards.

    Haven't been out at all this winter but prior to that I was experiencing pain in my feet, picked up some Pacerpoles to take the load off. Then I had to buy a cho-pat strap for my right knee to compensate for the Pacerpoles (probably not using them correctly).

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    The knee is the most complicated joint in the takes time to heal. But I would get to the bottom of what is wrong at once with MRI's or whatever as it may never heal or heal wrong. Go to a Artho surgeon for a answer. I went to regular doctors and they were vary vague and didn't give me any answers so I kept on dealing with pain and didn't know I could or should get TKR done.. They'd say well it's old age and Arthritis. Take Aleve,etc. It was only when I went finally is such pain to a specialist that they said I was bone on bone that it hit me proper. I had 2 Total Knee replacements finally and have been hiking pain free now for 2 yrs. Before that. well.. hobble was the norm. It's not from hiking or working it is inherited from my Mothers side. She had her's done as well as shoulders. Sister as well had hers done. This may be a sign you are entering this space of Arthritis. Get it checked out.

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    IT band issues sidelined me for about 3 years. It started in 2011. I was a bit out of shape for the hike I was trying to do. After summiting, I sat and relaxed for a little bit. A few minutes after getting going again, I decided to run down the trail for a bit and fouled up my IT band pretty seriously. Every flexure of my left knee was causing a red hot pain on the outside of the knee. I peg-legged it 6 miles back to the car.

    Eventually, I was able to start biking and running a bit to get my legs back in shape and stretched out. But nothing gets me as excited as hiking! I'm much more careful now and try to make sure that I'm not taking my ability to get out and do what I love for granted.
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