This hike actually happened eight days ago, on the 20th. Six members of the Conn. Section of the GMC hiked around Chatfield Hollow State Park. Besides my self, we were Moose Hunter (our fearless leader), Sarah, Don, and two Jims.

We crossed a long boardwalk and then basically circled the park clockwise, going along the outermost trail when we had a choice. When we got to the swimming area we crossed over the outflow and returned via the boardwalk.

It was still winter in the sense of bare trees and bushes, and there was some ice and snow around, but it was spring as far as the temperature was concerned. There was no need for traction.

Chatfield Hollow is a nice place. The central valley has the swimming area, and a building which I guess is a museum of some sort. The building was closed when we were there, and the swimming pond still was mostly iced over, but there were a lot of people walking or jogging around. The trails on the ridges on either side of the valley never rise very high, but nonetheless have several short scrambles and overlooks.

It was one more nice Connecticut state park that I had been unaware of before joining a GMC hike.

Here are the pictures.



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