Zealand Mtn (from route 302 via Zealand Rd & Zealand Tr). 2016-02-27.

Date of Hike: 2016-02-27

Trail Conditions:

  • Zealand Road: 2-3” fresh snow down low. Barebooted. Bunch of that snow melted during the day.
  • Zealand Tr: 2-3” fresh snow over ice. Spikes worked well.
  • Twinway: Icy on the ascents by the hut. Spikes were sufficient.
  • Twinway between Zeacliff and Zealand: 5-6” fresh snow with windblown drifts. I switched to snowshoes and recommend doing so on the high wooded ridges. The ladder and ledge scrambles were a little annoying with the snowshoes, but overall the right choice.

Special Equipment Required: Light traction + snowshoes

Stream Crossings: I picked this route to avoid all the blown out open rivers. Warning - the little stream crossing of the Zealand River just above the hut is a bit sketchy and the ice is deteriorating. If you’re tall enough to jump across, great, if not, the firm part of the ice shelf is currently submerged and you’ll get your boots wet. This may get worse with the coming warmer weather.