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Thread: Spaulding ME via AT from CVR - water crossing, any updates

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    Spaulding ME via AT from CVR - water crossing, any updates

    Considering a run up Spaulding Mt. in Maine this Sun/Mon, preferably via the AT from Caribou Valley Road. (where the family mini van is going to park around the 2.1 mi marker before that rotted out semi-bridge).
    There's a stream crossing immediately on the AT southbound and recent reports say the former board in the stream that assisted the crossing is gone.
    Anyone have an update on stream status, how rushing it is etc. and if it's doable with water shoes?

    Latest NETC report is a month old (most others appear to be going up the ski slopes, which is suppose we could do though I hate ski trails).
    Happy to doff the hiking boots/don water shoes as long as stream isn't so rushing as to be unsafe.

    Thanks as always for the wisdom of this wonderful community.

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    Low water everywhere in Maine right now. Should be straight forward to cross at the AT. Unless it rains

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    The leaves are out and that usually calms down the streams. The stream crossing is generally only nasty after a significant rain and drops rapidly.

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    Isn't that the Carrabbassett River? One could almost rock hop it. With the board there, I never really looked for a better crossing spot, but it's not very big or wide.

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