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Thread: Strolling across the Spanish Pyrenees

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    Strolling across the Spanish Pyrenees

    I will be walking the GR 11 in Spanish Pyrenees from August 25th until September 14th. My planned itinerary is to walk east from Roncesvilles to Ordesa National Park with my last night spent at the Goritz Refuge. I hike reasonably slowly and will be following the stages in the Cicerone Guide to the GR 11 in Spain (2014 ed). I will be carrying a one-person Hilleberg Akto, but am not averse to staying in refuges and taking meals there. I have walked extensively through Western Scotland over the years. My last visit included climbs of Slioch and Western Bein Eighe. I backpacked “North to Cape Wrath, in 2009”, West Highland way in both directions, also the Great Glen Way. If you check out my Cape Wrath Blog, I am the guy without the beard.

    My hiking partner for the Cape Wrath Trail in 2009 had to bow out on this trip so I am attempting to connect with anyone else who may be interested joining me for a leisurely walk in Spain this coming summer.

    I already have my tickets so this trip is a definite go. Solo or not here I come.

    Tom Wheeler
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    Sounds like an awesome trip. Have fun!

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    Interesting itinerary.

    Hope for good WX.


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    Hi Hillwalker ... Have you read John Dos Passos essays on traveling in Spain? A lot of his trips were on foot. If you haven't then I highly recommend as prep for your trip. I read them for first time some time within last 12 months. Lot of good history and Spanish culture in there. He was fishing partner of Hemingway's and is model for some of his characters.
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    I hike in this area 3 years ago. Since you are terminating at the Goritz Refuge, I strongly recommend hiking through the Breche de Roland into the cirque de Gavernie. The hike through the Breche is both beautiful and historically significant. The cirque de Gavernie is also not to be missed. There are huts on the French side you can stay in as well as the town of Gavernie. The town of Torla on the Spanish side is a good place to end up if you need to stay in Spain. Sounds wonderful. Last September we hiked the Carros de Foc in the Pyrenees which is a circular route and quite spectacular. If you like this trip and want to return to Spain, check out the Carros de Foc. They have a dedicated website for the circuit which allows you to book all your huts online and provides lots of good information. Enjoy your trip.

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    Thank you Stuart. I do intend to go through the Breche de Roland. My final few days of the hike will take me from San Nicolas de Bujaruelo up to Sarradets Hut in France for an overnight and then up through the Gap and down to Goriz Refuge for another overnight. From there I hike through the canyon ending up at Torla. From torla I will be taking buses back to Pamplona for the plane ride home.

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    The Breche from Sarradets Hut

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