Once again Connecticut Valley Atheists performed trail magic on the summit of Bear Mountain in Salisbury, Connecticut, the highest point on the AT in Conn. This was last weekend, on Sunday the 17th.

I was solo this year. I went up Undermountain Road to Riga Junction, where I met some hikers, including northbound through hiker Hiro, who helped shlep some of the magic up the rest of the way. The magic, like most years, was fruit and lemonade.

It was a warm sunny Sunday, and therefore the summit was full of hikers most of the day. Besides Hiro there were five other throughs, Cousteau, Sparky, Focus, Sunny Side Up, and Wind Walker. These were all northbound. There were also several other backpackers, a couple of ridge runners, and a whole lot of day hikers.

Three and a half hours later, all of the lemonade was gone and only a few cherries were left of the fruit, so I went back down, going north and looping back on Paradise Lane Trail.

It was another successful magical hike. This year, though, I'm going to help with some magic again. The next time will for the GMC in Vermont next weekend. I'm wondering if I'll see some through hikers twice.

Here are the pictures.



NE111 in my 50s: 115/115 (67/67, 46/46, 2/2)
NE111 in my 60s: 44/115 (34/67, 10/46, 0/2)
NEFF: 50/50; Cat35: 39/39; WNH4K: 39/48; NEHH 81/100
LT NB 2009

"I don't much care where [I get to] --" said Alice, "-- so long as I get somewhere," ...
"Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."
- Lewis Carroll