East Pasture Trail
Bald Land Trail
"Scneic Vista" spur
Bald Land Trail
East Branch Road
East Branch Trail
Wild River Trail
Perkins Notch Campsite Spur
Wild River Trail
Wildcat River Trail
FR 233

East Pasture Trail: XC Ski trail - clear and dry
Bald Land Trail: XC Ski trail - one hop-over blow down, grassy until just past the 'scenic vista spur', where the right turn (easterly) off the old logging road wasn't marked, but it's clearly a hiking trail
"Scneic Vista" spur: XC Ski trail - very grassy and mostly dry. Perhaps offers views in the winter with no foliage and a snow pack
East Branch Road: Short road walk to connect the tails. Actually ran into one car driving.
East Branch Trail: Trail appears to follow old RR bed for the first stretch. Trail was in good shape and mostly dry until passing over the far northern shoulder of Black Mountain. The downhill had sections that were still very wet despite the prolonged dry-spell. Over to rock and log-hope to keep feet dry. Some of the logs move though, so be careful. Lots of blueberries and raspberries to be found. All crossings very low, but likely lead to wet feet in higher water. One large blow down on the climb up the shoulder (canopy across the trail).
Wild River Trail: Trail was clear with many signs of recent axe work (thank you!). All crossings were very low.
Perkins Notch Campsite Spur: There are a myriad of spurs around the campsite. Parts of the camp are in rougher shape - doesn't look it they finished scattering the logs and wood from the shelter.
Wildcat River Trail: Pleasant trail with some ups and downs. All crossings very easy with low water.
FR 233: Makes it easy to skip the 3 crossings on the Bog Brook Trail.

Special Equipment
Poles helpful for the wetter sections and crossings.

This is an absolutely beautiful [almost] loop. If we had more time we would have thrown in Black Mtn to finish the loop. The trail offers beautiful hiking trails with lush forest and plenty of water sources. Highly recommended, though in wetter times it would be very wet. Lots of vegetation rubbing on the East Branch trail, so if it's rained you'll get pretty wet. The loop as we did it was about 13 miles and 1900', but is never steep or rough so it really is pleasant.