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Thread: Mt. Colden via ADK Parking Area (HPIC), August 7, 2016

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    Mt. Colden via ADK Parking Area (HPIC), August 7, 2016

    Trail very muddy around Lake Arnold, some areas with walk-arounds, others you just pick a spot to step and hope for the best. Many bog bridges have been replaced but there's a good number of old style bridges that are in rough shape, with logs so worn that the tree's knots stick out, waiting to trip you. Several bog-bridges have planks that are loose or leaning.

    We were delighted to find switchbacks on this trail - three of them! All ladders are new. We rose over two false summits (one just a wooded bump, the other had great views). Summit doesn't have a marker, just a hole with a triangle. It was quiet for a Sunday to and from Marcy Dam. Above that, it got busier.
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