I went by the monument while driving up to the north gate this past weekend, no real signs of any changes. There are the discreet Katahdin Woods and Waters signs in few spots like at the RT 11 turn off in Medway and I think we saw the same signs in the Sherman and Patten area but I think they were in place previously. We also noticed the IAT signs along RT 159. The state is repaving the highway in the Sherman area. Lot of no and yes signs for the park designation still up. Since the last time I was up in Sherman there is new Irving Blue Canoe gas station at the Sherman Exit so there is some signs of economic prosperity in the area.

I found the attached map to the BSP letter interesting as the designated trail less areas are contrary to a prior BSP proposal that would have built a trail from the end of the Twin Ponds Spur west between the Turners to a tie into the trail network and a new trail between Fort and Mullen from the Wassataquoik lake area to the NW basin trail. The new Turner Traveler Mtn trailess area pretty well shuts down any future connection between the new Lookout View sput in KWW just north of Wassataquoik stream and the spur to Grand Falls from the Russell Pond area.