Date of Hike: 9/4/2016

Trail Conditions: dry, very dry, a couple of trees across the trail on Undermountain

Special Equipment Required: Water, sunglasses

Comments: - It's been a couple of years since I've been. Went to check out the Paradise Lane Group campsite. The water for this site is all dried up. I went back to Undermountain and at the next dry brook crossing I saw my first bear while hiking. The bear & I both had the same O S moment & he turned and ran up the hill. Got to the top and took a couple of pictures and tip-toed around the nine adults sitting on top of the monument. Went to Brassie Brook & Ball Brook campsites and there was just a trickle of water at both sites, enough to get a bottle of water. I was checking the sites out for a small group of scouts, we may have to change plans.

Mike P.