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Thread: Pierce, Eisenhower via Crawford, Mt. Eisenhower, Dry River 9/25/16

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    Pierce, Eisenhower via Crawford, Mt. Eisenhower, Dry River 9/25/16

    Crawford Connector
    Crawford Path
    Webster Cliff Trail
    Crawford Path
    Mt Eisenhower Loop
    Crawford Path
    Mt. Eisenhower Trail
    Dry River Cutoff
    Dry River Trail

    Crawford Connector: Clear and dry
    Crawford Path: Clear and dry
    Webster Cliff Trail: The short stretch we did was clear and dry
    Crawford Path: Even the mud pits were pretty dried up between Peirce and Ike
    Mt Eisenhower Loop: Still in great shape, though it looks like the summit cairn was toppled
    Mt. Eisenhower Trail: Top quarter mile or so was a little brushy. Then several duck-under/step-over blow downs. The tread is in great shape for almost all of the trail. Some of the densest forest I have ever seen in the upper mile!
    Dry River Cutoff: Clear and in good shape - possibly an old logging road for the stretch we were on. The crossing was a fairly easy boulder-hop, but would be hard in high water.
    Dry River Trail: Having done the stretch from Isolation West to 302 in the Spring going up, I can tell you that this stretch is much harder at the end of a hike. The many slight ups and downs are more pronounced! Still a beautiful stretch of trail with a bunch of step-overs/duck-unders and one fun climb through. Bridge is in good shape.

    Special Equipment
    Wind-breaking layer for alpine zone.

    Combining peak-bagging and redlining for a fun day. Quite the juxtaposition between the highway that is the Crawford Path and the Wilderness of the Dry River. There was a steady 15-20mph wind with some higher gusts above treeline, but it felt nice for the most part. Tried out some laying for the small dog that appeared to work pretty well for her, despite temps in the 30/40's with the wind - she only got cold during the short break on Eisenhower, and happily snuggled into my down jacket. A big thanks to the kind lady working at the Willey House for a few milk bones as I forgot snacks!
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