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Thread: Saddleback Mountain Sale

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    $23.5 million? I thought the Berry's wanted to sell it for around $7 to $10 million? And another $38 million in investments after the purchase? Its going to be 100 years before they break even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakbagger View Post
    up date, looks like the deal is closing this week.
    There's an optimist born every other minute.... I wonder who floated the insurance policy, if I am reading that right, if the policy was written for a payment of 2.5M that's a pretty pricey cost.

    I would expect some type of request for approaching the AT Trail corridor again and with the current group in charge of the Interior, it may be the best chance a real estate developer to make gains at the lost of the AT.
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    I think the Berry's got $6.5 million
    Hopefully the improvements strike an appropriate balance.
    After this (poor) winter, many businesses in the Rangeley area are really hurting from lack of snowmachine business and challenging conditions for forestry. Saddleback opening in December 2020 might encourage a few on the edge to hold out.

    Press Herald Story:

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