This past weekend I did a short hike up Zealand Rd and some of the cross country trails to Middle Sugarloaf (Zealand Rd was gated). The outhouse in the Zealand campground had the boards nailed across doors as I normally see during Winter. As I went through Sugarloaf II campground though I noticed none of the outhouses had boards so I went up to one and it was indeed open and ready for use and I believe still had toilet paper on the bar. Is that normal? I assume maybe because it was so far off the road they didn't bother wasting the labor to board up that many outhouses. Or are they behind schedule with the weather/budget and eventually someone will go in there and address? Are they left open for cross country skiiers?

Not that it is of any real value given the location but I was curious if that was "standard" in the campgrounds who aren't immediately on an open road where they'd see more use and potentially misuse (vandalism,etc). After a long road walk down Zealand Rd at the end of the day though it'd be a nice alternative to using the woods (and leaving TP and waste in the open) if nature called. Might be of benefit down the road someday.