Went up Blueberry Ledge Trail over to Whiteface and then across the ridge to Passaconaway and down. It was a beautiful chilly day. The sun was trying to peak out. We met a couple of guys going the opposite direction. I thought it would be safer to go up the ledges than down and worry about starting to slide and not be able to stop myself. I think we made the right decision. We only used microspikes and they were fine but I was nervous.

The closer you got to the summit of Whiteface, you started to get some drifts across the trail. After you came to the viewing area before the summit of Whiteface, they got worse. The trail would just disappear for a bit. You had to look around and keep focused. There were no other prints before us. The closer we got to Passaconaway, the more hard packed the trail became.

Was a wonderful day to be out. 24/48 winter 48.