My friend wanted an adventure. We decided to do these four on the 52 WAV list. We did a car spot so we would come out on Langdon. We started up Davis Path to Crawford. Nice trail...steady up. Was just a couple of small tiny monorails left. The rest was clear. The views from Crawford are very pretty. I was surprised to see no snow on Washington. There was a cool breeze. We put on jackets, ate some lunch and just took it all in. After a nice rest, we headed to Stairs. We had gotten a lot of looks because we were carrying snowshoes but I heard there was deep snow in the col between Resolution and Parker. We wanted to be prepared. Our way over to Stairs was riddled in partial monorails, snow and rivers of water. It was challenging to not posthole but wasn't enough to put snowshoes on...we struggled over until we hit the summit of Stairs. Didn't stay long...headed back down to the junction for Resolution. We decided to put snowshoes on. The snow was much deeper and we were getting sick of the up down business plus feet were getting wet. It was easier going with the snowshoes but then there would be patches of no snow. So off/on was the how it went. We made it to Resolution but didn't stay long there either as none of us wanted to dig out our jackets because of the cool off we headed and ...back on the snowshoes went. It looked like no one had come that way in a long while. We managed to go along and sometimes just left the snowshoes on and walked on the dry land because snow was coming up again and we were just tired of the off/on bit. We made it to Parker. Snapped a pic. At this point it was 6:30ish so we continued on. Saw a cool spotted salamander in a post hole...put him on safer ground. Once the snow was gone, the leaves took their places...slipping and sliding hoping nothing would catch our feet and trip us up. Very pretty areas on this trail. Got down just before dark. Great day to be out adventuring!