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Thread: Wind River

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    Wind River

    There's a new movie out, Wind River. Set in rural Wyoming, if you are looking for a dark, smart, brutal look at life in rural America, this movie is as close to perfect a detective thriller can be. One of the main characters is a wildlife tracker, and while this movie does not romanticize the outdoors, it certain does make it one of the characters in the plot.

    Really as close to perfect as a movie can get.


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    I saw it Friday, I also give it a thumbs up.

    In my opinion, it has stunning scenery, a beautiful Nick Cave score, and outstanding performances, particularly by Jeremy Renner.

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    Wind River got a great review from three of us in my family (a couple of 50 y/o's and a twenty y/o) Based on a true story, it presents a look at some of the pressures faced by Native Americans in our society today. Presented as an intriguing whodunit, it was an entertaining and educational movie.

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