I misplaced a pair of trekking poles on June 30, 2017. They are likely either on the summit of Pliny or on the Kilkenny Ridge trail about a mile north/east of Waumbek. If they are neither of those places they are in the woods somewhere in between. I did a bushwhack up Priscilla Brook "trail" to Pliny (lower summit then higher summit) then bushwhacked north/west and up the side of Waumbek. Hit the Kilkenny Ridge Trail near the north/eastern end of the ridge before it dips down towards Weeks. I then headed down Waumbek and Starr King. By the time I realized they were missing I didn't have the time or energy to go back and search for them. If anyone is up that way and happens to see them I would love to have them back! They are black with orange and white details, REI brand, fairly new. If found please contact me at c_cameron1987@yahoo.com or 603-707-7191. Thanks!