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Thread: Cool and Windy on Franconia Ridge

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    Cool and Windy on Franconia Ridge

    On October 1st, I did a little known hike called the Little Haystack / Lincoln / Lafayette loop.
    It's a beautiful hike; it'll probably catch on. The forecast was sunny, cold, and windy. And
    that turned out to be true, true, and true. But the forecast also called for humidity in the
    low 50's. And that super low humidity resulted in amazingly long, clear, crisp views. Without
    a doubt the cleanest views I've ever seen from that ridge.

    Mt Lincoln

    Ants on the hill of Mt Lafayette

    Cannon cliffs and Greenleaf Hut

    The Pemi

    The Pemi

    Winter coats and hats and goggles were not an uncommon sight on this day

    Forever views, especially to the north and west

    Trip pictures

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    Nice find Billy! Where is that?

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    Think I might try to find this little known loop this weekend. Suppose to be a tad warmer.

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