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Thread: Bradford Mountain, Connecticut

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    Bradford Mountain, Connecticut

    I am in the midst of climbing the 10 highest peaks in Connecticut. I've always liked how the Berkshires/Taconics dip just a tad bit into Connecticut. I like this area and it has intrigued me.

    Yesterday I started hiking the Connecticut 10. I'm a total dumbass and figured to myself "Oh it's Connecticut; this should be easy"
    So I went down there under prepared wearing like nothing other than a bikini and carrying a bottle of Mountain Dew thinking it would be easy hiking. Think again. (I actually wore a ton of orange, I looked radioactive).

    I climbed Bradford Mountain, the 4th highest mountain in Connecticut. Just under 2000'. The beginning of the ascent was easy enough. But then it started to rain, and then it got foggy. But that wasn't the worst. The entire cone is covered with the thickest mountain laurel I have ever witnessed. 7 feet high in places. A tangled mess. It was like hiking Stewart Mountain in the Adirondacks only replace all the conifers with mountain laurel. It's so hard to take a step because the Tim-Burton-movie entanglement of haunted possessed mountain laurel lassos your ankles and you trip every other step. I felt like a rodeo victim.

    I actually almost gave up. I was soaking wet and every step to advance forward took an absurd amount of effort. I've done the hardest bushwhacks in the Northeast, wouldn't it be funny if Connecticut was the one that got me to give up.
    Somehow I made it to the summit. There was an iron rod and a gravestone-like stone marking the top. It actually probably was a gravestone marking the final resting place of other bushwhackers who perished in the mountain laurel. Lol.
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