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Thread: Vote NO on Bolts!

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    Vote NO on Bolts!

    In the spirit of this election day....

    Here's an interesting article about the residents of Lyme NH voting to remove (cut) protective bolts placed into the rock on a local climbing cliff.

    Bolt chopping is usually done by rogue climbers who feel the bolts are unnecessary. I've never heard of it being put to a municipal vote!

    Only in America?

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    200 bolts were placed in a single year (2011) by a small group of climbers?! I thought that kind of crap went out of style in the 80's.

    In any event, once the negative impacts of overcrowding are felt by locals, all options end up on the table, including putting bolt chopping up for local vote! I can certainly understand the frustration from the locals. I'd have to hear more about the other options before I felt like I had a useful opinion on this one. And since I've got zero skin in this game, that's not likely to happen.
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