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Thread: Hoping to replace my old 'ski' pants.

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    Hoping to replace my old 'ski' pants.

    I'm looking to replace my old ski pants, they're the workhorse out of all my winter clothes, double layer nylon, not insulated or waterproof, just good wind protection and durable nylon, with full length side zippers so I can put them on while wearing snowshoes. They have built in gaiters, too. They're Columbia brand, and they cost around $50, although that was probably 15 years ago or so. I can't find anything even remotely similar.
    Has anyone seen a basic, no-frills nylon ski pant with full length zippers for sale anywhere lately?
    Thanks for any tips.

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    I used to have a pair of those, but my brother “borrowed” them and I’ve never seen them again. Never found a replacement, either.

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    I have a few tips. First, try to find a pair of Sporthill Symmetry pants with full side zippers. Secondly, if unable to find a pair with fully separating zippers, consider putting on a pair of nylon pants before your boots and snowshoes. Finally, get a pair of insulated (Primaloft) pants with fully separating zippers for additional warmth as needed.

    Another option would be Marmot Precip pants with full zippers. They won't breathe as well as what you're used to, but maybe well enough.
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    sport-hill is my favorite winter pants

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