I finally caved in and bought a double boot this year (Scarpa Inverno) for Winter hiking to address my issues with fit and cold feet. Wore around the house form several hours, walked up and down cellar stairs, did step ups, etc and all seemed well. Very nice fit, no rubbing, no pressure points, inner boot fit nicely, etc. SAT I took them out on their maiden voyage up Ammo to Monroe. For the first mile or so I was pretty happy. They were comfortable, no pressure points, nada. And then it started.....an odd rubbing sensation that I have yet to feel in all my many years of wearing ill fitted boots and dealing with the related maladies. The longer I walked the more it burned. I wasn't quite as bad descending but was uncomfortable enough all day to be a spoiler for the walk. When I got to car I took shells off and feet felt fine. Just for the hell of it I drove home wearing the inner boots and they were super comfortable. Did not feel any rubbing sensation whatsoever.

When I got home and took everything off to inspect my feet I had rub marks similar to a rug burn or similar rash along the SIDES of my achilles and the tops of the ball of my heel on the SIDE. The area where you traditionally get that big nasty blister directly on back of heel was comfortable all day and had zero signs of irritation, redness, etc. I've had many a foot ailment over the years attempting to fit my feet into boots but never even in the worst pair have I got a rug rash type irritation. As I walked it felt like there was some movement with the heel but not in the inner bootie. I assume the whole bootie heel was lifting/moving? Was puzzled by this. So I have two questions:

1) Does this sound like the heel cup area has too much volume relative to my ankle size given that the irritation is on the sides of ankle, not the back? I'm assuming movement is letting booting fold or crease and rub the sides of my ankles in this void? I do have a somewhat narrow ankle.

2) How the hell do you actually tighten the outer boot to create a snug fit around the bootie and restrict movement of the inner boot? The bootie is obviously matched to the outer shell so if the bootie feels good then I assume I should be able to adjust the outer boot to get a snug fit over the bootie. I have laces on the instep of the boot but the boot is so rigid even cranking the laces up doesn't feel like it does anything at all. I left the upper laces loose initially based on recommendations I had seen about shin bang but on way down I snugged up more and it seemed to help slightly. I didn't get any shin bang issues at all. Boots really were very comfortable except for the rug burn on the sides of my feet. Should I go ahead and crank all the laces down tight to attempt to secure the bootie?

If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be appreciated. Really like the boots otherwise. Hoping there is some sort of hack to correct. Frustrating never having comfortable feet when I hike.