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Thread: 21% of Maine Land is in Conservation

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    21% of Maine Land is in Conservation

    This is a link to a slide show on the amount of land in Maine that is conserved. I was surprised with the overall percentage and the amount of federal and state land versus private. expect the talk would be quite interesting.

    Of course some will argue "the devil is in the details" with respect to "conserved". Much of the private conservation easements are intended to maintain large blocks of undeveloped lands while maintaining the ability to continue commercial forestry and some minimal traditional uses like camp leases. I expect to a preservationist this land is not conserved. As both the AMC and Nature Conservation accepts development easements as conserved its not black and white. One generally acceptable but very jarring use of conserved lands are wind farms.

    I use this database to look up what conservation easements may exist on parcels of interest. It can be slow and glitchy on occasion but its the best source I have found of checking what easements are in place in a particular area.
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    I'm not an expert on this subject but I'd have to say that we shall have at least 3 categories ...
    1. Not preserved
    2. Limited Use - mining, wood cutting, wind farming (if the extent of this land is greater than #3 then assign more acreage to State or National Parks)
    3. Preserved - State Park, National Park, National Monument
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