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Thread: Shepherd's Tooth Patch update

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    Shepherd's Tooth Patch update

    Copied from ADKHP:

    Just want to let those out there who intend on requesting a patch for hiking Shepherd's Tooth.

    I recently sent in a donation and a request for the patch a couple of weeks ago. I just received a note from "The Buffalo Boys"/Don's wife Evelyn, to make out the check out to her, as her husband no longer is taking care of this.

    So for all of you out there who want to get the patch, just send a donation, making a check out to Evelyn Greene, 1473 River Rd, North Creek NY 12853.

    Evelyn wants to get the word out about this, but doesn't know how to reach out to those who hiked or intend on hiking "the Tooth", as the project is "off the record". I thought I would help her spread the word.
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    Tom, your Shepherd's Tooth post brought back memories of the winter 1990 trip when Sonny, Dave, and I hiked right by this peak coming down from Iroquois and headed for Marshall. Sometime I think I'd like to go back and get this.
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