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Thread: Katahdin bushwhack regs

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    To the OP: You must park in established parking lots, and as mentioned 'whacking doesn't get around daily limits.
    All off trail plans should be reported to, and discussed with, park personnel.
    I've bushwhacked quite a bit, fade-blazed trails, Rum Mt, Avalanche Brook, Center Mt, around Wassataquoit, looking around logging camp remains. etc.
    Never into the Klondike or the Witherle caves, and always with my itinerary shared.
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    Thanks for all the info about Katahdin bushwhacking and regulations. I have started a new topic (Destination: Klondike Pond) for comments about the pond, as it deserves its own thread.
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    I’d love to see some pics of Katahdin Falls if somebody ends up bushwhacking that side of Katahdin.

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